A game changer.

HockeyPT maximizes your total physical performance. Your strength, power and speed. Your fitness, lactate production and tolerance. Your flexibility, coordination and rhythm.

Where it matters. On the ice.

Show Me the Game

Maximize your performance on the ice.

All your physical capacity sums up to your 100% maximum performance. This is your engine. Now, ask yourself, how many percentage of your engine can you use on the ice?

You today.

A good traditional training program will improve your physical capacity, your engine. This is the easy part. However, most hockey players can’t use their full physical performance on the ice.

You with Hockey PT.

As we build your engine stronger over time, and implement our carufully designed exercises, you will not only get stronger but get the most out of your potential physical performance on the ice.

  • Standard utilization on the ice60%
  • Optimized utilization on the ice95%

The difference between a traditional training program and Hockey PT is our extensive background in skating. We offert unique exercises, where the linked physical chain of motion will serve as a natural bridge from the off-ice training to your performance on the ice.

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Are you ready for the next level?

By joining Pro Coaching you will get access to our growing library of video exercices. Each week we publish a new video – a carefully designed exercise with simple instructions. Exercises that you can implement into your daily training routine.

All this for only $39 a year.

I Am Ready

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