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    The game of hockey is under constant development, the game goes faster and faster. All coaches, scouts and GM´s want a player with high skating skills.

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  • Biomechanical study

    Biomechanical study

    At the moment we are working hard on a big international study together with the Swedish University of sports. We are aiming to find facts about whats really going on when we are skating. We are using power measurements and a 3D program that will provide us with facts in a number of areas such as: Whats the most optimal skating position What are the best skaters doing different How much power do the best skaters deliver What contact […]

  • Meet our clients 3

    Meet our clients 3

    Kevin Broden forward borne 2000   One of the youngest clients we work with is Kevin. Its always interesting to talk about top end training and young persons. Our philosophy is simple, kids now days train a lot with their teams, why not make sure they train the right things right away? There is never a guarantee that players will develop into superstars or that they walk through their carriers with out injuries, but we can make sure that […]

  • Meet our clients 2

    Meet our clients 2

    When Jens Henrik Tönjum contacted us he was a J20 player with some national team games with Norway. Right away we found out that Jensa is a hard working young man. Some how he didn’t reach full potential on the ice; he could not use all his physical qualities. Jensa is pretty fast on the skates but we worked hard with the power endurance to get him explosive during the whole shift and whole game. Jensa had an impressive […]



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